2 Neurones & 1 Camera

Olivier Thereaux

Vieux Québec




At a turning point in the movie, we are shown a room where a dozen people, all hooked to a machine that lets them share a collective dream, come to sleep a few hours every day. Those people are us.

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Can't Touch This


An article published this morning in the NY Times, titled « To Win Over Users, Gadgets Have to Be Touchable» notes how quickly tactile interfaces have been adopted by consumers, so quickly indeed that they now are frustrated whenever a device does not react, as they would expect, to a swipe or a tap.

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Dans les environs

Juin 2002: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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Accidents de mémoire - Accidents d'architecture


Tu me disais «il faut se souvenir» et que les images y aideraient

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Été 2008. quartiers et ruelles sous le soleil, terrasses noyées de biere.

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Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Mai 2004: une exploration de deux rues Montréalaises, Villeneuve et Gilford.

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Eté 2010.

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